The founders of GenMove USA came together through a sports education company in 2005. Through the success of developing and working with the sports education company, they realized two distinct problems: The growing childhood obesity and health epidemic in the United States, and the need for new teaching tools that were easy to use and would engage students in physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. In 2011, their work and vision to solve these pressing problems lead Grant Scheffer, Temoc Suarez, & Nick Kalisperis to take their skills and roles in the education field to the next level, creating a movement and health education solutions company that “Moved Generations” to healthier lives. GenMove USA was born!

Grant, Temoc, & Nick worked hard to create a team of physical education curriculum specialists, adapted physical education specialists, physical education teachers, athletic coaches, professional athletes, and movement and health & nutrition education specialists and consultants from around the country. The idea was to create a team of diverse backgrounds to come together in a common goal to create the strongest solutions for early childhood, K-12, adapted physical education, after school teachers, and recreation staff. By creating diverse and versatile resources , the team saw an opportunity to build solutions that could affect a whole community. GenMove now works everyday to enhance and build on these solutions with innovative equipment, engaging standards-based programs, and top-notch professional development trainings.