Bammy Awards 2013

GenMove Joins Group of National Collaborators to Host the 2013 Bammy Awards

Educators, advocates, organizations and companies across the education village come together to celebrate what’s right in American education.

Charleston, SC – April 2nd, 2013- GenMove USA announced today that the organization has joined the national initiative to host the 2013 Annual Bammy Awards in Washington D. C. on September 21st at the landmark Arena Stage. Presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International, the Bammy Awards is a cross-discipline honor recognizing educators throughout the education field. Based on the notion that it takes a village to educate a child, the Academy hosts the Bammy Awards to identify, recognize and celebrate what’s right in American education across the entire field -- from teachers, principals and superintendents to school nurses, support staff, advocates, researchers, early childhood specialists, education journalists, school facilities maintenance staff, special needs professionals, school board members, education school professors, parents and more.

“At GenMove we are fortunate to work with and be inspired by exceptional leaders from all angles of the education world. These leaders not only inspire us, but drive our company to create materials that will support the growth of more excellent education and a healthier future for our nations youth. We are so proud to be a Friend Of The Bammy’s, and be a part of the education village that continues to highlight and grow excellence in education,” GenMove CEO, Grant Scheffer states.

The awards program was created in response to the tremendous national pressure on educators and education leaders to improve student outcomes and the intense scrutiny that today's educators face as a result. The Bammy Awards honor the contributions made by all of the various stakeholders in the education field. The awards aim to elevate education successes in the public eye and raise the voices of the many undervalued and unrecognized people who are making a difference.

“The positive response to the inaugural Bammy Awards in 2012 was overwhelming. Clearly the notion of collaboratively acknowledging what is going well in American education is an idea whose time has come,” said Errol St. Clair Smith, executive producer of the Bammy Awards. “We commend and appreciate all of the early supporters of this national initiative.”

Modeled on the broad scope of the Oscars, Grammys and Emmys, the Bammy Awards accepts nominations in dozens of disparate categories, selects nominees for awards and holds a red-carpet event that brings together constituents from the entire education community to recognize the honorees. The nominations and first round of voting will be done online at starting April 2nd.

Nominations are made by the public on the Bammy Awards website, and two honors, the Educator’s Voice Award and the Bammy Award, will be presented in every category. Educators Voice Award honorees are selected by popular online vote and will be announced in June. Bammy Award honorees are then selected by members of the Academy of Education Arts & Sciences and will be announced at the Bammy Awards red carpet event on September 21st in Washington, D.C., at the Arena Stage Theater.