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What Does GenMove Offer for Out-Of-School Time Programs?

  • Fun Physical, Health, & Recreation Games & Activities
  • Teach Common Core & STEM Academics Through Active Project Based Learning
  • Engaging, Fun, & Versatile Equipment
  • Professional Development
  • Simple Assessment Activities for Staff & Students

GenMove develops research-based physical and health activities that are fun, engaging, and proven to increase movement time. We continue to work with after school programs around the world to help increase effective physical activity time with easy to implement solutions.  We specialize in Professional Development, Equipment, and Programming games and activities that provide staff versatile solutions for all ages and skill levels.

Our products for after school programs were designed as a solution to give children the tools to live healthy, active lives and fight childhood obesity, while continuing to effectively learn core academic concepts.  Therefore, we provide equipment and programming packages that give staff portable and easily stored equipment, a variety of new physical activity and sports recreation games, and ways to teach health and common core through action based, project based learning. 


Whether you are looking to introduce fun, new physical activities, teach health and nutrition, or core academics, GenMove’s After School Programming books cover your needs to get your children active and learning. The activities provide staff versatile and easy to implement games that can be delivered consistently.  We offer assessment tools and activities for each game, giving after school programs the unique ability to measure success in physical, social, and academic learning in their program.

The idea behind all of our equipment is to be versatile for conducting a large number of games and activities across all ages.   The equipment increases opportunities for success in development and learning.  Specifically designed with after school staff in mind, we make sure it is portable and easily stored so you can use it in any space, indoors or out. 

We Are Here To Help

GenMove Speciliast are avialble to answer any of your questions. We take pride in consulting and constructing packages that fir the specific needs of you or your program. Contact us at or 888.762.2450

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GenMove staff trainings give every staff member the confidence to offer a successful physical activity program. Our certified trainers walk staff through the following: games & activities appropriate to the ages of your students, how to utilize indoor or outdoor space, special needs and inclusion activities, equipment use, and assessment tools and ideas.
Whether you are using GenMove as a starting point or an enhancement resource to your existing program, GenMove trainings are a fun way to create a sustainable physical activity program for your after school!