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What Does GenMove Offer For Recreation & Camp Programs?

  • New, Multipurpose Recreation Equipment
  • Fun Team Games & Activities That Are Easy For Staff to Conduct
  • Variety of Games & Activities Great For All Ages
  • Staff Training
  • Equipment & Activities for Indoors, Outdoors, or Aquatic Settings
With a Variety of FUN filled activities and innovative equipment, GenMove helps camps and recreation programs introduce new games, sports, and recreation activities to kids of all ages! We specialize in equipment and games to inspire learning through a variety of physical activities and games. 
GenMove helps set a high energy, FUN, safe environment, allowing for skill building, 
development, confidence, and success in recreation and sports games!
Whether you use our equipment and activities as a starting point or an enhancement for your current programs and events, GenMove activities give children and families many hours of active play and learning!


Offer engaging sports activities from GenMove at your Resort! We provide resorts a solution for hours of fun with sports activities for kids, families, and staff of all ages! 
  • Kids Programs

  • Special Events

  • Group or Corporate Events

  • Family Fun Games & Activities

Whether you use it for kids programs or corporate and group events, we provide resorts with an all-inclusive package for hours of fun & active play!



Our Activity Guides offer staff fun, new games & activities.  All the games and activities are universal and easily adaptable to all age groups. Maximize participation teamwork and physical activity for everyone with GenMove’s activities in your program.

Our quality equipment offers camps, recreation programs, and resort recreation a versatile equipment option that can be used for large groups, varied age levels, and to play endless sporting games and activities. It’s ideal for camps and recreation programs because it is storable and portable and can be used in indoor, outdoor, and aquatic play spaces. 

Train your staff to provide endless fun games & activities with a GenMove Training! Our certified trainers cover the following in a GenMove Training: how to effectively use equipment, set up and play multiple games and activities, and inspire staff to create their own activities appropriate for their setting.  The training offers endless tools for your staff to provide hours of fun & learning!