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What Does GenMove Offer For Early Childhood?

  • Activities to Develop Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • How To Teach Common Core & Health & Nutrition Education through Movement Learning
  • Staff Training on How to Implement a Successful Movement Program
  • Physical, Social, & Cognitive Skill Development
  • Assessment Tools for Physical & Cognitive Learning

Offering children a strong foundation in education through movement is integral in developing foundational motor, social, physical, and cognitive skills for the rest of their lives. The GenMove early childhood programs were developed through years of hands on implementation and research to provide early childcare centers with easy to do activities that show results in children’s motor and movement skills development.  This early childhood program gives teachers simple-to-use tools to introduce academic learning through movement development.

Whether you use these activities as a starting point or an enhancement of your health and movement education program, this is a great way to offer many hours of play and active learning!

The GenMove Programming Books give each teacher the tools needed to teach movement learning.  Each activity includes student learning objectives, skills to be learned, diagrams and instruction, modicification options, and teacher and student assessment activities to demonstrate student learning and success.  All books are offered both in print copy and digital format to best fit the needs of teachers and programs.

For more information, or help picking the GenMove programming book thats best for you, contact a GenMove Specialist at info@genmoveusa.com or 888.762.2450.

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Our quality products were uniquely created for all ages to have success in skill building and development.  All equipment is designed to be easily stored, versatile and portable, making it easy for a teacher to use in the classroom, multipurpose room or outside play space.

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GenMove Speciliast are avialble to answer any of your questions. We take pride in consulting and constructin gpackages that fir the specific needs of you or your program. Contact us at info@genmoveusa.com or 888.762.2450

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GenMove Early Childhood Staff trainings give every teacher the hands-on “how to” in starting or enhancing movement through learning.  Our certified trainers walk staff, teachers,  and parents through field-tested and researched techniques on developing fine & gross motor and movement skills. We cover everything from where to start, age specific activities and development, what to do in special needs and inclusion settings, and appropriate progression and assessment tools. GenMove Trainings are the best way to jump-start and get your teachers, staff, and parents excited about a new movement and health program! 

*Teacher Training Credit Hours Available