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What Does GenMove Offer for Special Needs & Disabilities Programs?

  • Model for How to Use Play as a Tool for  Development  in a Special Needs or Disabilities environment
  • Games, Activities, & Assessment Tools For Fine & Gross Motor Skills Development

  • Quality Products & Fun Activities Increase Opportunity for Success!
  • Movement Activities Develop Social Skills & Confidence

GenMove is dedicated to ensuring that children of all ability levels participate safely and feel success in physical activities and games.  We work with a collaborative team of specialists for Adapted Physical Education, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Special Education, Community Programs, and Wellness & Medical Centers to put together resources to use play as a model for development in a special needs or disabilities enviroment.  Our goal is to offer a well-rounded approach to developmentally appropriate teaching methods and tools that can be easily administered by parents, teachers, PT/OT’s, volunteers, coaches, and the medical community.

GenMove promotes the Simplexity framework. This framework affords an individualized approach that can meet the wide variety of skill levels that can be encountered in the unique attributes of all learners.  We offer programs and equipment that support fine & gross motor skills development, social and group skills development, stimulate and activate the brain and ensure the success of ALL learners in physical and recreational activities.


We offer a wide variety of programming games and activities for special needs, disabilities, and inclusion.  Each book offers a framework for creating an individualized approach to development while playing group games.  All activities offer simple teacher and student assessment tools and suggested modifications to ensure all individual learners and ability levels are engaged within group activities.

Our equipment packages and products were designed to develop individual skills through social and group activities.  All ages can utilize this equipment to achieve success in movement activities.  Whether you are in a classroom, gym, medical training facility, multipurpose room, or outdoor play space, our equipment is usable anywhere, portable, and storable to fit the needs of all users.

GenMove offers customized training workshops for each of the following: physical education, inclusion programs, movement education for classroom special education, PT/OT’s and special needs and disabilities community programs and wellness center staff.  The trainings cover the hands-on “how to” using our equipment, playing group games, modifying games to fit the needs of your program and children, and how to effectively conduct assessments on individual students through fun activities.